Saturday, December 1, 2007

Newspapers in Iran

In Iran there is no free media. Satellite is generally forbidden by law. And all TV channels are directed by the radical government of Ahmadinejad and three are no TV or even radio stations unless they are in the hand of radicals. Also many reformist popular websites are usually filtered or closed. What about newspapers? Iranian reformists have several newspapers which gives them the ability to compete radical newspapers. Of course many of reformist's newspapers are usually banned by radical judgment system. For example during last months two popular reformists newspaper of Shargh and Hammihan were closed by law sentence.
What remain are several very mild reformist newspapers which are not popular and capable enough to influence public opinions. They have to work very timidly not to give any pretext to radical judicial system to avoid being closed. Yet these newspapers are the only channels which contact reformists to the body of Iranian society. they have gained great achivements for Iranian reformists.