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Lorestan the land of beauty

Lorestan is a province of great antiquity with unusual natural beauty which is bounded on the north by Markazi and Hamadan province , on the east by Isfahan, on the west by Ilam (ilam) and Kermanshah, and on the south by Khuzistan.
Enjoying different climates, the weather of the northern highlands is cold snowy in winter and mild in summer . The southern area,laking adequate rainfall, is hot in summer. The central parts are maild, in general, Lorestan province is mountainous,located among the montains of the zagros range . The most important mountains in the province are as follows : - Oshtorankooh, the highest peok of which is 4050 meters high, is located in the eastern region . - The Garrin chain stretches from the south of the province to the east. - Mt. Veylo and Mt. Kamarbasteh are in Aligoodarz region. - Mt. Sefeedkooh, located in the north-west of Khorramabad, is an important mountain of the Zagros range . - Mt.Hashtadphloo is located in the southern Khorramabad.
There are many caves in the montains, the most well-known of which are : Tamandor and Baznavid caves near Aligoodarz, the caves in Mt.Sefeedkooh near Khorramabad, Many near Dorood and Sarabsefeed cave near Boroojerd. in a cave colled Doosheh, which is atop a mountain of the somr name in Chegeni region, there are paintings belonging to the Stone Age. The most attractive cave in the province is Kalmankarreh near Pol dokhtar with eye-catching stalactites and stalagmites. Spectacular waterfalls are among natural lessings, of which the following are more important: the Taf falls in Noojyan near Khorramabad; the afrineh falls mindway between Khorramabad and Malavi; and Absefeed falls in Aligoodarz. Lake Gahar located in Mt.Oshtorankooh of the altitude of 2400 meters above seo-level is one of Iran's most impressive natural wonders. This lake, the depth of which is 28 meters is frozen in winter.
Lush vegetation around the lake, creating splendid natural beauty,attracts a large number of people, especially in summer. The rivers of the province are numerous, the most important of which is the seymoreh Rivers, flowing into Lorestan and then into Kuzistan. ( This river,called the Karkheh in Kuzistan, is one of the largest rivers in Iran). Lorestan enjoys splendid natural beauty, lush vegetation and forests.The Zagros mountains are covered by oak foreste, together with elm, maple, olive, hakberry, walnut, pear, and pistachio frees. The pastures are rich and of high importance. Different climates have created an animal life rich in variety . Main wild animal species are bears,wild boars, squirrels,beavers, and leoparts. Birds,such as herons, doks and geese live on the banks of the rivers and swamps . To protect wild animals, wildlife sanctuarise have been established in the region of Oshtorankooh and Sefeedkooh and Darreh Neyga (near dorood) , in which hunting is prohibited. The people who inhabit Lorestan are called lors, thouht to be the decedents of the Aryan tribes . The predominant relegion is the Shi ' a branch of Islam . Most of the people speak lori, adialect closely related to farsi, in Lorestan here are many tribes who live in the Zagros mountains, sing the rich pasture. Because of fertile soil and adequate water resources, agriculture is of high significance . The wide range of temprature fluctuation in different parts of the province makes it passible to cultivate diverse crops . These include cereals, fruits(figs,apples, pears, apricots, gropes and chrries ), sugger beets and nuts . Animal husbandry, done both in traditional and modern methods, is an important industry . Apiculture is also common, especially in Delfan and Aligoodarz, Azna, Aleshtar, noorabad, koohdasht and pol-e Dokhtar . The population amounts to 1.656.000 (1996) . Khorramabad Khorramabad, meaning"lush and prosperous" is surrounded by montain covered with lush vegetation . Known as the city of salubrious water, if has many natural sights and resorts . Being a city of great antiquity, it has known both happy and hard times . There are many tourist attractions in this city, of which the following are more important .
Falak-ol-AflakCastle Khorramabad books have is that the castle was built at the command of the Sasanian king Sshapur (circa 1700 years ago ) . From underneath the hill and the castle a spring flows all the year round . The garden and the adjacent to the castle make the complex eye-catching. The castle contains a museum in which the following articles are kept : Stone Age tools, pre-historic earthenware, stone seals, bronze objects, articles belonging to the Islamic period and a few examples of patterned gravestones of Lorestan .
Brick Minaret If is a monument dating back to 900 years ago, located beside the ancient city of Shapur khawst . It is thought that it was used for guiding the caravans .
Petroglyph In the east of Khorramabad, there is a rectangular stone on the four sides of which there are scriptures embossed in Kufic characters . If dates back to the 12th century . Stone Whirlpool In the south-west of Khorramabad, on the slope of a mountain, there is a spring encircled by a stone wall of 18 meters high . Built of stone,if dotes back to Sasanian period . Pol-e Shekasteh (the broken bridge ) Dating back to the pre-Islamic period, this bridge is located in the southern city . Being 230 meters long, it had nineteen mouths, five of which staill standing . Keyoo park This park which has a beautiful landscape includes a lake, mon-mode woods, a spring and recreational facilities for children . There are also facilities for boating on the lake .
Boroojerd Situated 110 kms north-west of Khorramabad in a mountainous region, Boroojerd is mild in summer and sniwy in winter .Located on the slope of Mt.Garry,it has rich vegetation and numerous springs . The architecture of the old city was magnificently impressive, some vestiges of which still remains in the central port . Boroojerd's points of interest are as follows : the seren and scenic village of Vafayee, the old bazaar complex, jame, moque, Iman Khomeyni mosque and the mausoleum of Imamzadeh Ja'far.
Dorood Located 100 kms south-east of Khorramabad, on the railway linking tehran to Khorramshahr, mong the tourist attractions of Dorood, the mausoleum of Imamzadeh pirvali and the Bisheh Waterfall are of more importance . The easiest access to Lake Gahar is through this town .
Aligoodarz If is a town 154 kms east of Khorramabad, in a mountainous area being cold snowy in winter and mild in summer . The springs, rivers and qanats ( sub terraneous canals ) are numerous . The mausoleum of Imamzadeh pir Iman and the Absefeed Waterfall are among points of interest . A village called Shoolabad, surrounded by forest has endless fascination for many people .
Handicrafts Carpet weavaring is an important and the commonest economic activity, especially in Khorramabad, Aligoodarz and Dorood . Gelims (rung made of goat's hair ) and jajims (fine carpets made of wool or cotton ) woven by the tribes have attractive patterns . Engraving on nickle silver is also of high significance, the products of which are imppressive Giveh (light cotton summer shoes ) making and tanning are the other handicrafts .
Customs The people of lorestan are hospitable, hardworking and faithful to their religious beliefs, and the religious ceremonies are of highest importance to them . The tribe's wedding ceremonies, in which pieces of local music are ployed, are very interesting . The local musical instruments are kamancheh ( species of violin ), sorna (clarion) and dohol (drum) . A famous sorna player colled Shah Mirza, who was named " the pearl of the Oceans " by musicians, was from Lorestan