Sunday, December 9, 2007

Iran and its neighbors

It is my strong belief that no society may really develop while its neighbors are undeveloped. It is impossible for Germany to have a neighbor like Afghanistan. There should be several countries like Iran, Turkey, Bulgaria and Poland between. .so is the story in Middle East and Islamic world. It is impossible to establish a developed country in the heart of Middle East while the majority of neighbors are dealing with civil wars and social disasters. Iran cannot really develop while there are permanent wars and unstable conditions in Iraq and Afghanistan. This is the fact which many politicians and analyzers neglect. Today no society can ignore its neighborhood, and if it wishes to really develop it should undertake group work with neighbors. Because it is impossible to build a sky-scraper in a ruined village in a far desert. Whenever there is a wide civil war in Iraq and Afghanistan the crowd of refugees swarm to Iran borders and d while there is economical disaster in Afghanistan the wealth will escape from Iran an when ever there is a social disaster in a neighbor Iran will naturally suffer. In fact any military and social and economical disaster is contagious. This is the reason "why Iran is worried about Iraq condition. USA President claims that Iran should not middle in Iraq affairs while Iran has its worries and has the right to be worried. But the USA President from a far continent claims to have benefits in Iraq and ignores the right of neighbors in Iraq.



probably some of our neightbours have the same analysis with roles exchanges: "as long as you have a neighbour like Iran, which is the state sponsor of Terrorism, source of extermism, etc, you are less likely to improve"! ;)


Mohammad, why are we Iranians against Israel? Who is the bigger enemy of Persians? Arabs or Jews?
Answer: Arabs. They still throw the Battle of Qadisiya and Nahavand in our faces.
Sunni Arabs hate Shia Persians, and Palestinians are just like all other Sunni Arabs, they hate Shia Persians.
But we are putting our country at risk for them!!! The Palestinians! The Palestinians who call Saddam Hussein, murderer of thousands of Iranians and Shia, "the greatest Arab hero".
We do not need the Palestinians and they do not need us (let the 22 Arab countries of the Arab League and the oil-rich Gulf Arabs help them). Their problem is not our problem. I don't care if Israel takes all their land.
Israel never claimed Iranian land. Arabs have and they still do.
They call Khorramshahr "Muhammarah", they call Ahvaz "Al-Ahwaz", they call Arvandrud "Shatt al Arab" , they call the PERSIAN Gulf the "Arabian Gulf" and they claim Iran's three islands of Greater Tunb, Lesser Tunb and Abu Musa, and this is after we let them have Bahrain, which is Iranian land, in 1970, so they would leave us alone once and for all.
Arabs made our people suffer for eight long years during the Iran-Iraq war, destroyed our country just like they did when Omar ibn al-Khattab destroyed our country after Qadisiya. The Arabs bombed our cities with Scuds missiles and terrorised our people.
Let the Palestinians, who love Saddam, suffer like we have under Arabs since the beginning of history.
No Palestinian complained when Saddam kicked out Iranians who had been in Iraq for three generations, but they want the world to feel sorry for them being kicked out.
No Palestinian complained when Saddam killed Iranians, Iraqi Shia and Kurds (who are Sunni like Palestinians but not Arabs, so Palestinians don't care about them either). No Palestinian complained complained about Iraq occupying Kuwait, but they want the world to feel sorry for their land being occupied.
The Shia of Middle East are being stupid. If they had any brains, they would see Israel as the best ally they could have against the BIG Sunni Arab world that hates Iran and Shia Muslims. The Maronite Christians of Lebanon have been smart. They have found an ally in Israel, and it has served them well.

Ask the stupid donkey Khamenei, even if he succeeded in "liberating" Jerusalem", would the Sunni Arabs who call Shia "rafidhi" (rafezi in Persian) allow Shia to pray in a Sunni mosque???

first of all, thank you for your interesting articles . second, please change the map of iran on your page (the article of "iran and its neighbor ". it's very sadly that we see an iranian citizen posted a map which has wrongly called" the always persian gulf " the gulf.
I got really sad after seeing that.please change it very fast!!!
appreciate it.