Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Iranians are not terrorists

Among those who planned and performed 11th September attack to twin towers in New York there were many Arab citizens, Pakistani, European, African and even American citizens but no one had Iranian identity. Even there is no claim that Iran or any Iranian was involved in that terrorist operation. It is proved that Iran not only has no relation with Alqaede terrorist organization but also Iran is a severe enemy of such organization. There has been no Iranian member in Alqaede. Even once Iranian reporters were killed by Taliban in Afghanistan. Yet US and west call Iran a terrorist country or a supporter of terrorists. Why? Here is the answer: Because Iran supports Palestinians in achieving there natural right of existence. Iranians say it's proved that Israel will never give the full right of Palestinians through negotiation or dialogue unless there is equal condition. Yes Iran supports Palestinians, are they terrorists? Do you think there is other solution for the disaster in Palestine? Iran people and government have never planned or performed any terrorist operation. Yet Iran people and government have the most number of victims of terrorists which are sometimes supported by US and Europe. For example Iran second President (Rajaee) Iranian first parliament (Behesshti) and Iranian priminister (Bahonar) and many anonymous have been killed.


Hello Esfandiar Khodaee,

I appreciate your visit to my blog. You wrote:

Yet US and west call Iran a terrorist country or a supporter of terrorists...

The U.S. propaganda machine does this, and many believe it, this is very true.

I am from the United States, Oklahoma, specifically. I sincerely hope that cooler minds will prevail upon the powers that be of both our nations in the (not too distant) future.

You and I both (hopefully) understand that disagreements between peoples and nations are almost always fomented by powerful men who try to turn populations against one another in order to further whatever agenda they happen to have at the time.

Through education we can start to heal some past wounds, and develop new friendships going forward. It is to my everlasting shame that we here in the United States have inflicted upon the world the hideous government that we have now.

Our executive, legislative, and judicial branches of federal government, along with the military, have become entirely corrupted, to the point that they are totally non-responsive to the will of the people. This is a dangerous situation, as we are both well aware.

I have heard President Ahmadinjad speak several times, as well as president Chavez. I do not agree with everything they say, but I do not hate or fear them, as I feel that we here in the United States need to put our house in order first, before we have room to criticize others.

Not all people can overcome fear, prejudice, bitterness, and mistrust, but my hope is that we can make progress toward peace, love, and acceptance, by interacting one with another at every opportunity. Best wishes to you and yours, and let us hope for a better tomorrow. [/edgar]

First of all it is my pleasure to see your weblog , just I have an idea, which means that; I think it would be nice if you write Something’s about your province culture (Lorestan) as well as art, history, language, sceneries, and famous people and something like that, because you have written more about politic.

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rasti in ham adresse webloge mane ke oon ro ehtemalan dashteh abshi;

ve amone khoda