Monday, December 3, 2007

Let's khnow Iranian political parties

Political parties are new elements of politics in Iran. These parties were formed during reformist government of President Khatami But today the ruling government of President Ahmadinejad has a negative view toward the existence of these parties, because most of these parties belong to left wing (reformists). In fact president Ahmadinejad's ruling government does not accept the role of parties in politics because this system is basically western not Islamic (they think so). Political parties in Iran are usually formed in a situation which they are in power so they lack public support and whenever they stand out of power they lack really strong presence in society and politics. Iranian main political parties are: 1- Etemad melli (meaning national trust): the head director of Etemad melli is clergyman Karoubi (the speaker of third and sixth parliaments). He himself was the candidate for presidency and placed third after Rafsanjani and Ahmadinejad. Many reformists voted for Karoubi. 2- Mosharekat party (meaning the party of participation) a reformist party formed in former reformist parliament (sixth parliament). This party supported Dr Mostafa Moein in presidency election. Most reformists voted for Moein but he placed fifth. 3- Motalefe party (meaning coalition party) a radical party in right wing close to Ahmadinejad but a little milder. Head director is Hassan Habibi. 4- Nehzat Azadi (meaning freedom movement) a liberal reformist party which has no place in power in Iran after Islamic revolution . Its leader is Ebrahim Yazdi. This party is not legally accepted by ruling government.