Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Iran and Arabs today

A note to Presence of president Ahmadinejad in Arab conference in Qatar After Islamic revolution in 1979, Iran and Arab states have never had a friendly relationship because: 1- The Iran-Iraq war resulted racial emotion of Arabs against Iran. During this 8 Year war Arabs supported Iraq in different ways. 2- In Iran there was no real will to improve relations with Arab sates. Specially with the idea of exporting Islamic revolution, Arabs got worried. 3- The policy of super power of USA was to create tension among Iran and Arabs in order to provide US benefits in the region. Today the condition has changed to a point; firstly President Saddam has vanished and there is no war between Iran and any Arab state; secondly Iran has found out that it's better to have closer relationship to Arabs instead of exporting revolution; thirdly Arabs have found out that there is no merit in hostility with their neighbor Iran. Yet the tensions and plans of US exists and US president is not happy to see Iran and Arabs presidents in a friendly conference and will surely try to create new tensions,


Stopping bye to wish you and your family well.