Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What can Iran do, if Israel attacks

If Israel is mad enough to attack Iran as it is heard the condition will be more difficult for Israel, US and even the west. 1- Iran can attack Israel by thousands of Iranian far reaching missiles. Iran has experienced the 8 year war with Iraq and is ready enough to make great bothers for Israel. 2- Iran can close the strategic strait in Persian golf where its oil is vital for developed West. It may risen the oil price to 500$ per barrel. The industrial world is highly dependant to the oil of Iran, Iraq, Emirate, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. 3- Iran can attack Israel directly with the assistance of Hezbollah of Lebanon and maybe Syria. 4- Iran has the ability to attack USA forces in Iraq with assistance of its Shiite supporters and heady influence.5- Iran may attack USA bases and embassies in Middle East region