Monday, January 14, 2008

Hot news from Iran is coming

Parliament candidates are registering. The 8th parliamentary election will be held in 14 march 2008. Now the candidates are registering during seven days. Conservatives (supporters of President Ahmadinejad) and reformists (supporters of former president Khatami) are rallying again. Here in Iran like any other country according to law each candidate should have a special characteristics like educational degree and …But the great difference is the super law role of guardian council (12 members). Aside from many legal references approval, Guardian council can finally decide whether somebody is qualified to be a candidate or not. So they can disqualify many reformists without any further explanation. The Guardian council needs no legal reason for its decisions. So many reformists are not allowed to enter parliamentary election. So in many cities conservatives will have no serious reformist rival to enter the parliament. Anyway the election will be held in 14 march and the winner will enter the parliament. It is expected that the number of reformists will increase in comparison to previous parliament. You will hear hot news from Iran in future days. About what guardian council will do on disqualified reformist candidates. The reformists will reject but this usually does not lead to any sensible conclusion.