Friday, November 9, 2007

TV is our greatest rival

Safdar Hosseini a member of reform coalition base said: As we have experienced in city council election last year, reformist can again come together to gain great successes. He continued our greatest rival is national media "TV" which tries to separate reformists and cause disunion among reformists. Every night we see scenarios from TV which resulting from misusing power. TV is a national media and belongs to all Iranians not a special party or taste. Reformists unfortunately don’t have financial support and lack enough media to defend themselves, the only way remaining is union and companionship.
صدا وسیما مهمترین رقیب اصلاح طلبان صفدر حسيني در گفت‌وگو با ايسنا اظهار كرد: اما با توجه به اين‌كه در عرصه سياسي ايران احزاب هرگز به تنهايي نمي‌توانند موفق باشند و آرايش سياسي نيروها به اين‌گونه است، راهبرد ائتلاف را بايد پررنگ‌تر كرد. اختلافات را كاهش داد و تاكيد و گفتمان اصلي ما اصلاح طلبان بايد بر مشتركات باشد